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2012 Oregon State Fair!!!

Welcome to Great Adventure Farm! It is our wonderful blessing to be located in beautiful, sunny Central Oregon. Our farm is nestled near the awesome Three Sisters mountains in the Cascade Range.

We have been enjoying the art and challenge of raising beautiful and productive Alpine dairy goats for over 14 years now. We started with some does from a perhaps little known herd “Avonlea” and as the years go by and my ability to recognize good, sound conformation increases, I appreciate even more the strengths from that herd—the strong toplines, wide level rumps, good width between the hocks, smooth front ends—it’s all there  multi-generationally.  What a great starting place even when we didn’t know what we were doing!  Over the years with the use of outstanding bucks from Olentangy, Tempo Aquila and Redwood Hills and now some of our own bucks, Great Adventure Farm has a lot to offer!

We were able to participate in linear appraisal in 2011 and were very pleased with the results!  We have three home grown “stars”; Great Adventure Third Fanta-C scored 91/EVVE  Great Adventure Andromeda scored 91/VEEE and Great Adventure Pure Verity scored 90/EEEV!!

Due to drastic changes in our economic and family situations, we have shown very little but we  “finished” our Fanta-C and won a second leg for Verity.  In 2013 we “finished” Great Adventure Ecsta-C and Primrose and were awarded the “SG” designation for Ecsta-C and Madeline.   Overall, we are seeing a lot of improvements and more consistency in our herd that we are really excited about.

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2013 Produce of Dam; Lega-C / Ecsta-C

We practice CAE testing and prevention–testing at least once every year.

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