Great Adventure Jazz Aria  AA1889117


DOB:  3/02/2017

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Sire’s Sire:  Redwood Hills Jazz Rimrock

Sire:  Tempo Aquila Free Jazz

Sire’s Dam:  Tempo Aquila Free Spindle

Dam’s Sire:  Wind Ridge Napoli

Dam:  Great Adventure Sonata

Dam’s Dam:  Finn-Hill-Acres Lyric


Aria is a truly stunning sundgau doe.  She is taller and longer than her dam but all indications are she will be a powerhouse milker with the same ease of milking as Sonata.  I hope to have pictures soon!

Fresh 3/14/2019; kids sired by Great Adventure HC Otho; 1 chamoise buckling; 1 sundgau doeling--for sale $300 SOLD

Doeling–5 days old SOLD


Buckling- 5 days old

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