2*M Great Adventure Sonata     AA1489576

DOB:  5/14/09

Sire’s Sire:  *B SG Redwood Hills Jaeger

Sire:  Wind Ridge Napoli

4 years old; August 2013

Sire’s Dam:  Tempo ARC Verona

Dam’s Sire:  +*B SGCH Milar-Farm Royal Image

Dam:  SG 1*M Finn-Hill-Acres Lyric

Dam’s Dam:  Finn-Hill-Acres LB Sonnet

Linear Appraisal:

Sonata keeps improving as she ages.  A cou clair like her dam, she has a beautiful, well balanced head, long and very correct legs, an extremely open ribbing and widely spaced rear legs.  She is proving to be an extremely good milker–having a very level lactation.  She is looking more like her dam Lyric (90/VEEE) every year!  2012 milk production was 3350 lbs in 365 days.


2018 Breeding:  Tempo Aquila Free Jazz, 1 buckling  $350

5 1/2 weeks old



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