Same buckling 3 weeks

Great Adventure Inga  AA1747677


DOB:  2/10/15

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4 years old–24 hours fresh

GCH Hoach’s CR Chazz AA0850718

Great Adventure HC Otho  AA1654918

GCH G A Dairy OFA Hop’s Primrose AA1327696

Great Adventure Castor  AA1573994

The Great Adventure Hiltrud AA1662228

SG Great Adventure Roc Rowena  AA1488225


Inga is a little doe but like her dam Hiltrud and many generations before her, she is a powerhouse milker.  Her strength of bone is on the light side but she is refined and correct with the same long level topline and wide flat rump seen in so many of our does.  She kids easily and milks well.

2019 breeding:  Tempo Aquila Free Jazz  AA1752392; 2 doelings $300 each. Hela and Freya are very affectionate, curious bottle babies.  We would love for these fun girls to stay together!!  $500 for both.

twin Doelings–24 hours old

1 month old

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