SG *M Great Adventure  Andromeda     AA1336043

So sad to report we lost our lovely Andromeda February 28, 2016.

She won  Reserve Champion Alpine at the 2012 Oregon State Fair.


Andromeda; 6 years old

DOB:  5/8/04

Sire’s Sire:  +*B Redwood Hills Journey Fortune

Sire:  SG *B Olentangy Fortune Arcturus

Sire’s Dam:  GCH Olentangy Audularia

Dam’s Sire:  SG +*B Tempo Aquila Kobos Brownie Boy

Dam:  G A Dairy Cocoa’s Galaxy Girl

Dam’s Dam:  Avonlea’s Cocoa Plum

Linear Appraisal:

2012:  8-1        91/VEEE

2007:  3-03     89/VVVE

Andromeda; 6 years old

Andromeda is probably one of the strongest all-around does in our herd.  Now fully mature, she stands on very strong feet and very squarely set legs.  She has good depth of body and a beautifully strong, level top-line.  In addition to all that, she has an awesome mammary–excellent texture with beautiful balance and support.


Andromeda; 4 years old

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