SGCH 2*M Great Adventure Third Fanta-C      AA1290363

6/12/11—Finished champion!!

2010 ADGA BEST IN SHOW–Deschutes County Fair


We are terribly sad to report that  Fanta-C died 7/3/2012–she will be greatly missed!


DOB: 3/6/04

Sire’s Sire:  Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  AA1207409

Sire:  +*B Olentangy Fortune Arcturus  AA1269780

Sire’s Dam:  GCH Olentangy Audularia AA1199194

Dam’s Sire:  Avonlea’s Sundowner  AA1127787

Dam:  *M Avonlea Celeste  AA1176514

Dam’s Dam:  Avonlea’s Augusta  AA1088114

Alpine Dairy Goat, Great Adventure Fanta-C

Fanta-C as a yearling

Fanta-C 6 years old

Linear Appraisal:

7-03   91/EVVE

3-05     87/+EVE

–05     V/VEV

6 Years old--6 lactations--Best in Show Deschutes County Fair 2010

Fanta-C is an extremely dairy doe.  Her mammary is capacious and well balanced with butter soft texture.  It has held up very well through 7 freshenings so far.

Like her dam, Fanta-C has a long, strong and level top line with a very wide flat rump.  She stands on correct feet and legs with plenty of width through the chest and between her hocks.  I don’t seem to be able to get a picture that does her justice!  Her 6 year old picture you can see half her udder–well the other half is just as smooth and balanced!  She is graceful and walks very uphill.

Fall Breeding:  Great Adventure Castor –Kids due in April

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