Great Adventure Fidelity–SOLD

DOB:  1/13/11

Sire’s Sire:  +*B  SG Redwood Hills Jaeger

Sire:  Wind Ridge Napoli

1st place milking yearling–Oregon State Fair

Sire’s Dam:  Tempo ARC Verona

Dam’s Sire:  *B Wind Ridge Last Tango

Dam: SG 2*M Great Adventure Verity

Dam’s Dam:  G A Dairy Beauty’s Miracle

Fidelity, a real sweetheart, is one of our favorite young does.  She continues the strengths of her dam with a bit more length, angularity and mammary capacity.  She won her milking yearling class and she and Verity were first place Dam & daughter, and with Piety was 2nd place produce of dam at the 2012 Oregon State Fair (Piety was a junior).

2013–Fidelity milked 12 pounds for her first milk test this year at 2 1/2 weeks fresh, her “star” is pending!

She is bred to Great Adventure Otho–Due 4/23/14

Otho is our new Junior Herd sire:  Hoach’s CR Chazz X GCH G A Dairy Hop’s Primrose

Fidelity’s half sister: Great Adventure Piety

Fidelity’s dam: SG 2*M Great Adventure Verity

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