5*M Great Adventure ROC Titania     AA1445010

 Passed away October 8, 2016

DOB:  3/29/08

Sire’s Sire:  ++*B Nixon’s Ranchman

Sire:  ++*B Le Chevrier RMN ROC

Sire’s Dam:  SGCH 4*M Le Chevrier Joi Roquet

Dam’s Sire:  ++*B SGCH Walnut-Fork Urban Kobos

Dam:  SGCH 4*M Finn-Hill-Acres UK Victoria

Dam’s Dam:  SGCH 3*M Finn-Hill-Acres LB Lydia

Linear Appraisal:

Titania is a lovely doe with very unusual (to us) coloring.  She is extremely feminine and fine boned yet deep bodied and well balanced.  Her chest is deep and wide and the width carries all the way back over a very strong top-line to a wide and level rump.  She has a very high, wide rear udder with good extension in the fore udder.  Our only fault with her lovely and productive mammary is her teat placement which is too wide.  She has her dam’s wonderful mild temperament–she is a real sweetheart!

Titania is AI bred to Olentangy Phenomenal Advantage;  1 doeling born March 27, 2015  She will be retained as we are retiring Titania (due to herd numbers)

Born 3/27/15

Born 3/27/15



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